Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cars and Work

So the car dealership never called back so I think we are a no go on the car. I guess we keep looking. I didn't want no stinkin mini-van anyways.

The rest of my coworkers who got laid off had a going away lunch. In a typical show of maturity, they went to my former supervisor and stated that if I went, they would not go. What did I do to deserve this you ask, nothing it turns out. The problems started when three of them had convinced themselves that I would be the first one laid off since I was gone on maternity leave so long. Forget the fact that I had an advanced degree and several years experiance on these people. Well, they got laid off in the first round, but I didn't. Then they turned real mature with all sorts of whispering, rumor-mongering, we are going to lunch but you are not invited, ect. This is dumb because upper management sees a lot more than they think. Through the whole thing, I kept my cool and was very professional. Yeah for me. Well when my turn to get laid off came around, I asked for an accelerated layoff so I could be home with the babies. I assumed that I would stop getting paid and get my severance package. However, management made a decision to go ahead and pay me for the 60 days and give me my severance package. Well a certain assistant leaked this to one of the girls I worked with and now they are all bent out of shape about that. I have two words for these women "Grow Up!" Get a life and act your age! And be glad some of us are capable of being mature or else your life could have been as awful as you made mine.

Sorry for the rant, but I needed to get it off of my chest.