Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Busy Week

Wow, it is Holy week again and here we go. I sing in the church choir so I have choir rehearsal twice this week, counseling, my birthday, church Wednesday through Sunday, and then Easter Sunday. It is also my neices birthday, but the party is the same time as the dress rehearsal for the Easter service so I have to miss it. I thought life would slow down now that I am not working. In case you haven't heard, I got laid off a few weeks ago. It is actually a good thing. I had felt convicted to stay home but just couldn't make myself quit such a high paying job, so for days I prayed that if I was meant to be home, that God would take it out of my hands. A few days later I got my lay off notice. I asked for the accelerated lay off so I could be home with the babies, and my director agreed after my managers spoke to him. Linda's counselor had actually said Linda would make more progress if I was home, so here I am. Between our tax return and the severence pay I think we will be fine.

Mina and Noah go for their 4 month appointment and shots this week. I am a little concerned because Mina seems to be behind Noah in a lot of areas. He is babbling and she does not do it as much, he sits better, he stands better, I know they are two different babies, but I am anxious to be reassured by their doctor. In other news, we paid to have our washer and dryer moved upstairs so I am finally able to keep up with laundry without having to hike all the way to the back of the basement. And on that note, there goes the dryer...