Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New School Year

Summer is over and school has started for all of my kiddos. Jamie and Linda started the sixth grade. They are very excited because every kid at their school was issued an I-pad to do their homework on. They seem to be adjusting to their new school and picking right up with their old friends. Noah and Mina have also started pre-school. It was their first time being in any sort of a daycare or school setting a Jake or I have always been home with them. It turns out that Mom and Dad were more nervous than they were. They took to it with ease and love telling us al about their adventures. We have all adjusted well to the new house and are fully unpacked. Work is going great, and I have been spending all of my time it seems studying for the brokers exam next month. It is a brutal test and takes all of the study time you can get to even have a hope of passing. Jake has begun looking for work now that we are back near family and we are praying he finds something soon. It is really good to be with family and friends. I am glad that the little ones are getting to know their family, and that the whole family is surrounded by people we love. I am also glad to be able to visit Mason's headstone any time I want to. I will admit, we do miss the weather this time of year in Wisconsin. At this rate, I think we will be wearing shorts to the pumpkin patch.