Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Mason

I am a little late in posting, but we were out of town for Thanksgiving and we are just now getting back on schedule. Mason's fifth birthday would have been November 19th. It was the first year where Noah and Mina are actually old enough to kind of explain that they have another brother waiting for them in Heaven. They attended the graveside with us, which makes it the first time we had all been there as a family. My pastor who lead Mason's funeral, and a few family and friends met us at the cemetery. My pastor gave a small prayer, and everyone released happy birthday balloons. It was beautiful, and touching, and I did not even break down in tears. There has been a lot of healing, and although I do still cry sometimes, I am also able to appreciate the gift Mason was, and is giving. It still amazes me how one short life has touched so many people. I am so grateful that his life has purpose, and that he is still remembered. I also think about how he was able to enter Heaven without the stain of having committed any sin. He could be held in the arms of Jesus without any twinge of guilt or fear for faults he never had a chance to commit. How blessed someone in his position is! In my mind, Mason is no longer a baby. He is a young man, a perfect specimen in body and soul. In my head I picture a young man who looks a lot like his Daddy did around 17 or 18. He is kind and gentle and loving. Completely uncorrupted by the worldly influence we all face. He is also surrounded by friends and family we have lost, amost importantly, wrapped in the love of Christ. There could be no better way to celebrate a birthday. Happy birthday my son.