Wednesday, June 22, 2011


There is a new movie coming out from the makers of "Fireproof" and "Facing the Giants". It is called "Courageous". It is supposed to be about men who aren't bad fathers, but are not actually being sourageous enough to stand up and lead their children down the path of righteousness. Tragedy strikes and the men are left to wrestle with their faith and answer God to a higher calling. I loved the other movies and thought all Christians should watch and be encouraged by them. I am however, extra excited for this movie.

I think all of us have a hard time acting courageous. We make excuses for why we don't make it to church, why we don't share God's word daily with our children, and why family time does not come first in our house. We seem to live in a world where families are seperated by TV, video games, work, hanging out with the guys, shopping with our best friends, ect. that we lose track of what is most important.

God has been doing a great work humbling me through my friends blog. I have blogged about it before, but she is in Uganda and has been given the chance to visit several children's homes there. The facts she writes about their daily life makes me feel so ashamed for the excess in mine.

Moving here to Wisconsin while hard in many ways, has been great in others. We are forced to spend more time as a family. Jake and I are committed to making this a priority. I think it is important to note that for the family/adoptive family we left back home, I am including you in the family time column, not the distraction column. Please pray for Jake and I as we try to find the giudance to corageously lead our family into the path God intended us to. There is really no more important task we have right now than to lead them.