Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Baby Sister is All Grown Up

This past week we made the long, and I do mean long, trip to Missouri to watch my baby sister graduate high school. We got to have time with family and enjoy some cool sights along the way. The highlight was when we went with Aunt Anna, Aunt Karen, and Uncle Josh to Montauk state park. We waled around, fed the fish in the hatchery, and had dinner in the lodge. Jamie and Linda had a lot of fun at the pond my parents have made on their land. They caught a bunch of tadpoles and frogs that sadly did not seem to survive the ride home. I cannot believe how much my sisters have grown up. Noah and Mina had a great time chasing my sister's poor little dog. Mina had such a good time that she has asked every day to go to "doggy's house". Here are some pictures, some of them I cannot take credit for because I am a terrible person who did not get much pictures.

Aunt Anna All Grown Up

The Arch in St. Louis

Montauk Hatchery