Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Binkys and Potty Training

We are moved into the house and getting settled. Along with getting settled came two woes. One, it is time to take away the pacifiers, and two, the dreaded potty training. Both are going aw well as can be expected. The babies have been only using the pacifiers at bedtime, but now we are trying to wean from that. There is an interest in potty training, but it is more miss than hit. We have not moved them into underwear yet because we want to give them a little more time to adjust to the new house, but we do take them everytime they say they need to. We have one to two successes each day from them, more from Noah than Mina, but it is a good start. They just turned two in December so I think we are right on track.

Jamie and Linda are much happier in their own rooms. They have already made friends in the neighborhood. The house to the left of us has three boys, and the one on the right has two boys. We actually hit 50 degrees on Saturday so they spent the whole day outside playing. I thought maybe Spring was on the way, but I guess not since it is sleeting and snowing today with highs in the twenties and thirties this week. That is it for now, Noah just announced he needed to go to the potty. More next time.