Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Of Snow and Sturgeons

Here are some of the pictures I have been promising from our time here so far. Jake got to go Sturgeon Spearing this past weekend. He had a blast! Sturgeon spearing is unlike any other fishing you have ever done. For starters, you are not allowed to use a pole or a line. You have to spear the fish with a Triton. Second, there is a season to it, just like deer hunting or things like it. The sturgeon can weigh as much as 190 lbs., and be 6-8 feet in length. The ones in the pictures are over 100 lbs. and about 70+ inches long. One person in Jake's group caught a 67 inch, 94 lb. sturgeon. The fish and game here send the fishermen a card in the male that tells their sturgeons height and weight, and how old they are. Some of them are well over 100 years old. The pictures of the fish were taken as Jake and I went to the local hang out where the men hang up and compare their catch. It was amazing. Jake has several family members booked to come next year.

The rest of the pictures explain themselves. Lots and lots of snow, and bundled up babies. I hope you enjoy them because it took me forever to post them so it may be awhile before I do it again.

My Snow Babies

The Snow is Almost to the Roof!

The Hole in the Ice.

The Shack about two miles out on the ice

Sunrise on the Lake

The Giant Sturgeon