Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wisconsin Update

I know people are still waiting for pictures and I will get to them I promise, but I had just a few minutes and I wanted to update all of our friends and family in Kansas.

First of all my knee is doing much better. Not 100%, but getting there. I have an MRI on Tuesday to check and see if I tore the meniscus when I fell. I really hope not because that would mean surgery if I did.

Weather-it has snowed almost everyday since we got here. However, the road management is much better here so you can still move around pretty easily which is nice.

Housing-We have moved from the hotel to the temporary apartment. The apartment is three bedrooms and two bathrooms which is so much nicer than the hotel rooms. The living room, kitchen, and dining room all have vaulted ceilings which make it seem so much bigger and nicer. It is furnished and everything from plates to towels were brand new when we moved in.

School-The kiddos have started school and they love it. They are in separate classes and doing well.

Work-work is great. I love my coworkers and my bosses. It seems like everyone cares about each other like a family and that is so nice. I am very busy already and that is good because it make the days fly by.

That is it for now. We miss and love you all. We have a home phone number now so if you text me I will send it to you. Talk to you soon!