Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wisconsin Here We Come

Yikes! A very exciting, and a little scary change is happening to our family. We are leaving our hometown mid-western state and moving to Wisconsin. I was made a very great job offer with an amazing salary, amazing benefits, and everything we need to make a move happen and today I accepted the offer. I would not say it is set in stone yet, but I would say 99% probability. I have learned nothing is ever set in stone until it happens, but this is a pretty definite thing. When will all this happen you ask, by the first of the year.

We are very excited, it is a very safe town with an excellent school system and lots of hunting and fishing. The whole town centers around a lake so there is always something to do. The housing market is amazing as well. We will keep everybody posted and will be contacting family ASAP to inform them of the move. We will miss all of our friends and family so much, but this is an amazing opportunity. We hope to get to say goodbye to everybody in the near future. Until then, we love you and I will keep you updated.