Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Couple of Monkeys, a HSM Cheerleader, and an Army Soldier

You might be wondering what in the world that blog title has to do with, well it is what my kiddos are going to be for Halloween this year. Yes, I have already purchased their Halloween costumes this year. You see I read a lot of blogs about couponing and money saving tips (my friend Melissa got me hooked), anyways I read a blog that featured a costume sight that offers 5 costumes under $5 dollars everyday. The costumes offered change every 24 hours. The first day I logged in they had 5 different star wars costumes, gag me (that is for the benefit of my sci-fi geek husband). Impatiently I waited for the next days wares and Jackpot! I was able to get all four of my kiddos costumes they loved for under five bucks apiece. Score one for mom!

Linda got a HSM cheerleading outfit that came with 29 pieces. It is actually from the Disney store. It has pom-poms, earrings, tattoos, megaphone, microphone, and more. Jamie has been fascinated by the military for months now. He even checks out books on the branches of the military from the library and brings them home to pour over. He loves seeing pictures of his Uncle Jeremiah in his uniforms. To honor this Jamie got Army fatigue coveralls. They look and feel like real fatigues complete with an US Army patch and an American Flag patch. Adorable, I can't wait to show his uncle the pictures.

Noah and Mina got Animal Planet monkey costumes. They are very plush costumes and are simply adorable. They are definitely going to be the cutest couple of monkeys I have ever seen. I can't wait to get pictures of all of them in their costumes. I am ending the blog with stock pictures of the costumes, these will have to hold you over until Halloween.